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The world today is a digital one interconnected by the internet. As a result, content has become highly valuable to its owners. With a push of….


During the course of operating a business, there arises the need for many different types of advice. Often times there are questions about everything ….

Commercial / Construction

Opening a business can be a daunting experience. Retaining top-notch business lawyers is vital. With accurate representation from a commercial  ….


During the years we have represented our clients in major ligation in Federal and New York State Courts. It does not matter whether the issue is bringing a ….


When starting a business, choosing the right entity is essential. The client must ask the question “what entity should I choose?”. Should it be a Sub Chapter ….

Federal Immigration Law

Federal law controls immigration to the United States. Immigration matters are often handled by governing authorities like USCIS, the Department…..


The Law Office or Robert L. Greener P.C. is helping companies achieve business goals on an international level. We tailor strategies that navigate and facilitate international….

Contractor Negligence

Contractor Negligence can cause significant harm and financial loss to property owners. That’s where the Law Office of Robert L Greener PC …..

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