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Federal Immigration Law

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Federal Immigration Law

Federal law controls immigration to the United States. Immigration matters are often handled by governing authorities like USCIS, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and others.

Immigration-related legislation has evolved over the course of many centuries. These rules cover more than just people entering the country; they also describe the rights of new citizens, the penalties for crimes, time restrictions, etc.

The Constitution’s Supremacy Clause has allowed the Supreme Court to regularly uphold the federal government’s authority over immigration. This makes it impossible for state legislators to pick out people of a certain heritage.

A US visa application can be very confusing, but our US immigration lawyers have successfully assisted numerous clients with their visa applications and can provide their expertise at any stage.

There are various nonimmigrant visas, including those that can be used to work, study, visit, or join family members in the USA. Nonimmigrant visas are permits that give you temporary access to the US.

You can get assistance from us in selecting the right visa for you. During your consultation, we listen to your situation, determine which US visa you qualify for, and suggest the appropriate visa for you.

The initial application for a US visa must typically be initiated by a US sponsor, who could be your employer, a member of your family, or an institution of higher learning. US visa applications can be complicated. We will often submit a petition to get you into the US, and you will then have to apply for a visa.

You and your US sponsor can collaborate with us throughout the application process. We can assist in completing the application paperwork and provide the necessary documentation and supporting materials. We can speak with USCIS on your behalf to get updates on the status of your petitions.


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