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Entertainment lawyers are attorneys who specialize in the drafting, review and negotiation of contracts for athletes, actors, and other celebrities. This specialty grants an entertainment attorney insight into common loopholes that may not have their clients’ best interests at heart. Whether you are just beginning, or have been in the business for many years, it never hurts to have an entertainment law firm on your side.

​We advise and counsel producers, artists and performers, from up and coming hopefuls to established acts and artists. Protection of our client’s rights is of paramount importance. Over the years we have drafted all manner of contracts for producers and film production companies, musical acts and record companies, song writers, actors and authors. Having the right agreements in place is very important especially to start up ventures. Having the right partnership agreements in place counts especially when success often occurs after the deal is in place. We can make sure the deal goes right from the start. We are a broad-based practice focusing primarily on the music and motion picture industries, counseling clients in connection with disputes and dispute avoidance in areas that include contracts, copyright, licensing, trademark, false advertising, unfair competition, First Amendment, defamation and internal investigations.


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