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​The world today is a digital one interconnected by the internet. As a result, content has become highly valuable to its owners. With a push of a button information is transferred to millions of users at the same time. Now more than ever, it is vital for content creators and owners to protect their intellectual property. Whether it is a trademark, or copyrighted work of art or a trade secret, protection is paramount. Law Office of Robert L. Greener P.C. has worked with everyone from film producers to individual artists and inventors, to designers and manufacturers to help protect their valuable Intellectual Property. This includes advising clients on issues concerning counterfeit goods. We help achieve protection by securing the client’s rights and policing them.


For any company, brand protection is an important facet of everyday business. While your support and service staff is responsible for creating a good image, trademark attorneys work to protect your company from entities that seek to misuse your brand. Trademark infringement lawyers act in matters concerning various aspects of trademark law, providing advice on design matters when required. During trademark registration, lawyers can help to ensure your designs do not infringe on existing marks. We represent clients from the administrative process of trademark filings, from registration through completion including any office action or objections from third parties. We represent corporations and individuals in the intellectual property arena in all phases of the proceeding from registration to administrative proceedings to litigation, from obtaining and defeating initial restraining orders or TROs and preliminary injunctions through final appeals. As Intellectual Property lawyers we understand litigation, and formulate legal strategy with the client’s business interests in mind. When it comes to trial, we try cases and win them.


Combined with our related practices in the sports, entertainment and litigation fields, we handle the full gamut of matters at the core of copyright law and business. This includes: litigation of the full sweep of rights-related issues in every conceivable field of expression, from books, motion pictures, art, theater and music to education, sports and the latest digital delivery systems; sophisticated transactional matters in everything from feature films, music and sports; advice, counseling and litigation relating to the management of digital content. We also advise clients on issues involving music publishing and licensing.

​We are also a top copyright infringement law firm with some of the best copyright infringement attorneys in our area. Our copyright infringement lawyers are experienced, incredibly skilled, and have a strong record of success. It is essential for you to protect your copyright assets and our copyright infringement law firm will defend your copyright rights! Our copyright infringement attorney representation services are available for a wide variety of industries and types of copyright violations. You can’t afford not to utilize our leading copyright infringement lawyers to defend your copyrights! If you have a problem with misuse of a copyright contact us today for an initial consultation.


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